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We recycle over 35,000 tons annually

Renewable energy - recycled fuel pellets

Recycled Fuel Pellets

This is what the finished recycled fuel pellets look like. The fuel pellets are made from various paper products, which are destined for the landfill. They measure 3/4" in diameter and range from 1/4" - 3" in length. Our pellets undergo stringent DNR testing to ensure they burn cleaner than coal.

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Help save our planet!

We recycle many forms of scrap material, and sometimes it is cheaper than taking it to the landfill.

Most of the items we recycle are paper and industrial scrap that can't be further recycled by conventional means. These are some of the materials we can recycle:

  • wax corrugate
  • label stock
  • matrix waste
  • roll film
  • paper with plastic laminated to it

Reduce strain on our landfills

Recycled pellet

Recycling today for a brighter tomorrow

Thank you for your Interest in Pellet America Corporation and the process that takes place here. It is our goal to keep as much "good," reusable material from going to the landfill as possible. The industrial scrap waste that we use is post-industrial, pre-consumer waste that would otherwise be sent to the landfill for disposal. Prior to the acceptance of taking the material, it is tested to be sure that it is a clean material, and meets all of the regulations set in place by the DNR. Any material that contains PVC, however, we are unable to run, due to the chloride that it contains and the emissions that it would release when burned in the boilers. Many materials that cannot be viably recycled in normal fashion are used in the manufacturing of our pellets. Wax corrugate, matrix, roll film, and laminates, are just a few examples of the thousands of tons of product that we are able to divert from landfills each year. We have the capabilities of handling these materials in nearly all capacities and forms. Many times we are able to service companies with some cost savings compared to landfills. The cost varies depending on the difficulty of running the material through our system.

Recycled pellet

Clean burning, renewable, alternative fuel source

Our fuel pellets, the finished product, are used at a variety of locations in Wisconsin, where they are seen as a source of "green" energy. The pellets help to cut down on the amount of fossil fuels that are being used. The pellets burn at over 10,000 BTU/lb on the average. They can be used to burn as a heat source or for the production of electricity. Our pellet customers are constantly doing smoke stack tests to be sure that the emissions are also meeting the DNR guidelines.

See our services page to get a better understanding of how we can help your business. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us for further information into our company. We welcome samples to review in advance; to be sure we are able to process the material. We look forward to hearing from you.