Clean renewable energy ~ Recycled Fuel Pellets

We recycle and produce alternative fuel sources Recycled pellet

We recycle industrial manufacturing waste into fuel pellets

The manufacturing process begins with our supply of incoming scrap material. This material generally comes in as bales or rolls, and is brought to our facility via van trailers, open-top dumpsters, and compactors. Pellet America contracts much of the trucking; however, there are some companies located outside of the Fox Valley area that use common carriers. The production crews move the material to the grinders using a crane, forklifts and skid loaders, which is the beginning of our system. As the material moves through, it is finely shred up and mixed thoroughly with the other scrap. The mix is then fed into the pellet mills, where it takes on its form, and is finally conveyed to the train-car storage bins outside. All of the 3/4" paper fuel pellets are shipped out in bulk, via large dump wagons, and are then unloaded at the designated areas, as set up by our customers.

Recycled pellet

Our recycled fuel pellets average over 10,000 BTU and burn cleaner that coal

How do we accept products?

The products we recycle come to us in a variety of forms, generally bales or rolls. Local businesses can have a bin on site to get picked up on regular intervals. Included are common forms of scrap that come to us:

  • Loose
  • Baled
  • Slabbed
  • Rolls
  • Gaylords

What do we recycle?

Pellet America recycles a number of products that many companies send to the landfill. Recycling these products is environmentally responsible and sometimes financially beneficial. We take in a number of products such as:

  • Paper
  • Corrugate
  • Wax Corrugate
  • Construction Paper
  • Cores
  • Certain Plastics
Our services provide recycled fuel pellets

Services we provide:

  • Transportation and disposal of non-recyclable paper and plastics
  • Supervised and secure destruction
  • High quality fuel pellet provider

Recycled pellet

How can Pellet America Corp help your business?

Pellet America Corporation (PAC) was established in 1992, and continues to be a leader in the fuel pellet industry, by manufacturing over 30,000 tons of paper fuel pellets annually. PAC takes in paper and plastic industrial scrap that cannot be recycled by conventional means; such as wax corrugate, label stock, matrix waste and paper with plastic laminated to it. We then grind it up and turn it into 3/4" diameter industrial pellets, that can be mixed with coal and biofuels to heat buildings and generate electricity. Click here to see a pdf of the recycling process.

Recycled pellet

Leading the way in alternative fuel pellet technology

Pellet America Corporation produces industrial fuel pellets that are equal to coal BTU/lb, are lower in ash and are much lower in sulfur, making it a cleaner burning fuel. PAC strives to keep as much waste from going to the landfill as possible, and is a greener alternative to fossil fuels. Let us know how we can assist you and your business, because we are "Turning Today's Waste Into Tomorrow's Energy!"

Recycled pellet

Why choose our product instead of the traditional coal?

Coal is not going to last forever, and is becoming more expensive every day. One thing that is consistently available is scrap from manufacturing processes. This is where we come in. We produce more than 30,000 tons of a renewable, cleaner burning fuel pellet every year. Nearly all coal burning facilities can benefit from our product. Included are coal burning power plants and universities.

Another way that we work towards environmental solutions is through our testing procedures. It is inevitable that some materials simply can't be used, because of the components that went into initially making it. All new types of material that may be coming into our facility are first tested, to be sure they don't contain elements that when burned, would be hazardous to the environment and air quality. Arsenic, chloride, lead, mercury, and sulfur are just some of the elements that are required for prior testing, with chloride being the most important of them all, because of the enormous amount of harm it can do. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requires that all of our fuel pellets meet many requirements, so that no more damage is done to the environment than what is already occurring. It should also be noted that the industrial fuel pellets that Pellet America produces are a cleaner burning alternative to coal.

Recycled pellet

We offer supervised and secure document destruction

Pellet America offers two forms of document destruction. Supervised destruction is when someone comes in and physically watches the destruction process of the items in question. Secure destruction involves us overseeing the destruction process. The result is the same in either case. We completely destroy and recycle the original documents.